Tuen Mun Dangerous Goods (D.G.) Warehouse

as initially licensed since 1988 where is located at No. 3, Kin Fat Street, an industrial zone of Tuen Mun, further west from Tai Lam Bay. It is a purposed-built of 8-storeys reinforced concrete building of total storage area around 8,000 square meters. The total D.G. licensed storage capacity is 4,439,500 liters (liquid) or kgs (solid). All goods are to be sorted as according to their UN class (Category) and being stored in specified compartments which are formed by fire-proof walls and fire retardant gates as well as protected by automatic BTM suppression system. Our operations has included a single compartment of storage space.

Tuen Mun Dangerous Goods (D.G.) Warehouse


  • The industrial zone of Tuen Mun location
  • Purposed-built 8-storeys reinforced concrete building
  • Capacity 8,000m2 total storage area
  • Licensed to store the HKFSD Cat. 2 to 10 as equivalent to UN class 2 to 9
  • Security surveillance by internal CCTV and 3rd party Contractor
  • Grade 1 classified by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
  • Protected by automatic BTM suppression system
  • Fire alarm signals are linked to our main control room and the 3rd party Fire Services Security Company directly
  • Exhausting dampers
  • Isolated ventilation system in the storage room
  • Anti-leakage alarm system
  • Loading and unloading platform
  • Explosive proof (UL approval) Forklifts
  • Temperature and humidity record logger
  • HQ container is allowed


  • Goods handling
  • Instore loading and unloading
  • Goods repacking and relabeling
  • Chemical wastes treatment application
  • Electronic scale service
  • Internet inventory tracking system
  • Inventory report download via internet
  • Expiry date & batch checking
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